Nickelodeon’s project presented Kostow Greenwood with the challenge of creating a unique production facility in which an entire episode of the show Blues Clues could be created from start to finish. This visually groundbreaking production integrates live action with traditional artwork and digital animation, and it demands a work environment that supports every stage of the creative process, from conception to editing. We concentrated on creating workspaces that would support the long work days of digital animators as well as breakout spaces where employees could relax, stretch out and practice yoga. To capture the youthful spirit of the program, we crafted a production environment that was fun, colorful and vibrant.


  • 33,000 square feet
  • $4 million
  • 75 digital animation workstations
  • 5 digital edit rooms and central equipment
  • Screening rooms
  • Equipment room
  • Production and support offices


We designed a loft-like interior in order to maximize ceiling height for Nickelodeon’s 75 digital animators and implemented an open plan within a perimeter band of production offices. The core of the space is made up of editing suites and their accompanying equipment.


Take a look at some of the stories happening at Kostow Greenwood in real time.