Centennial Memorial Temple


The Salvation Army’s Centennial Memorial Temple is a beautiful 1,350-seat auditorium that was erected in 1930 to honor the hundredth birthday of Salvation Army founder William Booth. Kostow Greenwood Architects restored this historic Ziggurat Moderne space over a five-year period, beginning with extensive exterior work, a new HVAC plant and a complete restoration of the signature theater. The house has been ergonomically restored and fitted with custom carpeting and seating to pay tribute to the building’s original design.


  • 32,000 square feet
  • 1,350-seat theater
  • 30-foot HD video screen
  • 4 HD video capture cameras discreetly located in the house
  • Control room, complete with multi-track video, audio recording & translation
  • Custom ergonomic seating
  • Ornamented ceiling design with inset lighting


Performers in the renovated Centennial Memorial Temple theater include the Salvation Army’s famous brass band, as well as rock, rap, and choral groups. We added cameras, recording equipment, speakers, a control room, and other technology to launch the historic theater into the modern age.


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