Longacre Theatre


Kostow Greenwood designed a historically sympathetic renovation of the 1913 French neoclassical Longacre Theatre. We returned the theater to its original luster by restoring its original period design elements while making significant updates to meet the needs of modern productions and audiences. We converted former underutilized attic space into a lounge and designed custom seating that recreated the theater’s traditional look with a modern ergonomic design to increase the audience’s comfort level.


  • 1,100 seats
  • Complete house restoration
  • New lounge, bar and restroom facilities below grade
  • Additional lounge, bar, and restrooms created from former attic space
  • Custom designed ergonomic seating
  • Lobby


To create the additional restrooms, lounges and bars, we excavated beneath the orchestra and converted former attic space. We also upgraded theatrical lighting and backstage amenities to meet the needs of modern performers.


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