National Philharmonic of Moldova


International Competition Entry - The Chisinau “Serghei Lunchevici” National Philharmonic has undergone several architectural transformations over the last century; from the first theatrical and circus building in 1912 to the new corner annex in 1957 to the devastating fire in 2020. This proposal aims to celebrate the rich history of the site and to create an iconic state-of-the-art musical center for the city of Chisinau. The growth of Chisnau’s city image will eventually lead to a cultural boost. The project is designed to be an ideal venue for the future diverse musical program hosted by the National Philharmonic. The three venues are designed to adapt to various performance types and are technologically innovative to exceed performance standards.


The circus building facade, the oldest structure, is reverted back as the primary entry to the philharmonic featuring a new marquee and enlarged fenestrations. The corner annex becomes the designated entry for the public with a new grand spiral staircase connecting the cafes and restaurant. The previous main hall shell, the “heart” of the site, is converted into an outdoor summer stage adjacent to the other halls.