NY Residential Tower + Cultural Center Concept


The 150,000 GSF project is a conceptual mixed use development that reimagines a historic site at the heart of New York City. Currently the thru-block site features a ground level retail arcade that links the two adjoining streets with a three-story cultural component above. The proposal looks to leverage this cultural component as an amenity for the neighborhood, which features a black-box theatre, concert hall, support spaces, and office facilities. The project is developed according to the existing zoning guidelines and criteria; by including a community-centric program to the site, additional FAR is granted, thereby maximizing the total built area and residential footprint above.


The design of the building is organized into a series of shifted volumes. The two performing arts venues are oriented to address both street fronts, with a central atrium which brings natural light into the interior lobby spaces and the thru-block arcade below. The residential tower is oriented to the south to maximize passive solar heat gain and optimize view for the residents.