CreditSights, a leading provider of corporate bond research, has relocated to a new office space in NYC. Kostow Greenwood Architects designed an unique work environment suitable for the client's shift in work style, moving from a standard office ideology to one hinged upon collaboration and branding. Given that their old office space was primarily private offices, this presented an design opportunity to modify their existing office program and adapt it towards a new company paradigm, helping them to grow their identity in the global credit market.


  • 20,000 square feet
  • Open plan offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Pantry area


The notion of collaboration became a key factor in determining the overall office program. To balance the reduction of private offices, a variety of spaces were created to facilitate communication and openness ranging from breakout areas, workrooms, to a shared lounge. In addition distinctive wall treatments and residential inspired furniture encourage employees to spend more time interacting with their peers.