Nevelson Chapel


In 1977 Louise Nevelson created an assemblage of abstract sculptures for a site-specific installation in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd at St. Peter’s Church. Now known as the Nevelson Chapel, the NYC treasure has begun an art conservation program. With poor environmental conditions degrading the art, Kostow Greenwood modernized the Chapel envelope while respecting Nevelson’s exacting vision by seamlessly introducing 21st century systems and technology that will protect the wood sculptures and maintain the “oasis of silence” in the heart of bustling mid-town Manhattan for years to come.


  • 1,040 square feet
  • Sanctuary
  • Sacristy
  • Chapel office


By replacing aged windows and skylights, and introducing new mechanical and highly tuned humidification systems, we created a controlled environment that will assure temperature fluctuations and UV light do not further damage the art. Replacing obsolete lighting with new LED tunable fixtures and acoustically treating the envelope quietly enhances the visitor’s experience.