Mad River Post


Kostow Greenwood has designed studios for Mad River Post in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Detroit. Each site provided a unique challenge and a specific context. In Dallas, a former World War I era munitions factory was converted into a full service video post-production facility; in Los Angeles, the space developed in an early Frank Gehry office building; in NYC a loft-style building was adapted to integrate a roof terrace and a full service kitchen. In each location, KGA created an informal space where clients and staff can meet, relax and collaborate, using salvaged artifacts, recycled materials and mid-century modern furnishings to provide a comfortable, productive, and hip ambience.


  • 6 locations in major cities around the United States
  • State-of-the-art Video Editing Suites
  • Audio Production Suites
  • Producers’ Offices
  • Lounges and Pantry
  • Office Support and Scheduling


To make Mad River Post an effective workplace, production rooms and office areas were acoustically isolated from each another while maintaining an open and collaborative environment. Technology and infrastructure were concealed to create a warm and casual vibe.