Tiger 21 Executive Conference Center


Tiger 21 is a peer-to-peer learning membership for entrepreneurs, investors, and executives, has offered a new amenity for the organization. Kostow Greenwood Architects took this as an opportunity to create a inviting and unique space for its members. The overall design for the workplace called for two distinct work environments, a more private office area and a larger meeting area, each with its own design considerations that needed to be integral to the organization's overall growing brand.


  • 4,000 square feet
  • Welcome lounge
  • Pantry and bar area
  • Multi-functional conference room
  • Offices


As a multifaceted group, the design needed to be adaptable for various event types and cater to its diverse members. The features a gallery, welcome lounge, bar, kitchen, multi-purpose conference room, offices, and workrooms. In addition, the interior design includes wood panels, integrated lighting, and distinct wall treatments help to create a warm yet grandiose space for the organization and its members.